More Details about ESAP

ESAP is a program developed by Dr. Rob Mabry. During his 23-year clinical experience as a chiropractor, Dr. Mabry found that both men and women of all shapes and sizes were presenting with similar patterns. The primary dysfunctional pattern was pelvic rotation, complicated by un-leveling. So why were his patients presenting with the same pattern and what were they doing to cause it?

As a Pro/Am road cyclist, Dr. Mabry had experienced sudden onset of sciatica and was told his pelvis was rotated and unlevel. He questioned why? His chiropractor said, "wear and tear". 

After being in practice a couple years he noticed both men and women, all shaped and sizes were presenting with the same pelvic problem. Rotation and unleveling. He concluded that the one absolute thing we all do exactly the same is driving cars. We use the right lower extremity, all the way to the toes, to push against 2 resistances, the brake and the accelerator. Studies show that holding the gas pedal in a steady position is 10 lbs of resistance and braking hard can be 70 lbs of resistance. The left side never does this. He developed a program that includes specific stretches to help correct the rotation and un-leveling. It features a device he calls the Pelvic Leveler (see description below) that allows the user to mimic the activity of driving. On Dr. Mabry's podcast series, he goes into more detail about WHY we develop dysfunctional bio-mechanical patterns and HOW we can reverse them. If he could speak to his 20 year old self, He would say DO THIS! It would've changed his life!

The Pelvic Leveler is a patented device made from injection molded plastic and rubber composites. There is a foot platform with ribs for traction and strength, that includes a rubber strap. The strap fits over the foot and stretches enough to allow "one size fits all". The platform is designed with a cylinder that contains a compression spring. The resistance that mimics the activity of braking/accelerating is created by that compression spring. The rounded shape of the foot allows you to work the Pelvic Leveler from different angles without losing traction on the contact surface. It easily slips onto the left foot and or over your shoe.

Then, you can mimic the activity of pressing the gas and brake pedals with the left that your right side has been doing since you started driving. You want to keep the heel anchored to the floor while using it. Lift the foot and move it as if going from brake to accelerator, but always re-anchor the heel. The action of the foot is called dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. Those simple motions effect the entire chain all the way to the pelvis. It's Huge!

While driving, we don't even think about what the right foot is doing anymore and it does a lot. A little bit of gas, more gas, not as much, steady on the gas for a bit, and so on. Brake slowly and gradually. Brake hard! Back to gas over to brake. The cycle continues. This is how you should use the Pelvic Leveler. Anytime you're sitting, and as often as you want. You should start to notice some subtle changes to how it feels when you walk. Your step off on the left side will start to feel a little different as you teach the left side to do what the right side has been trained to do for years. This little exercise, along with the recommended stretches, will begin to unwind the pelvis, reduce the rotation and balance the un-leveling. Get ESAP ASAP! Be sure to add your email at checkout! The video tutorials are a digital download that will be emailed after you checkout! Once you've experienced it, please come back and review ESAP on the Order Tab.