Pelvic Tilt or Misalignment

This video perfectly illustrates the effects of pelvic misalignment. Dr. Masoud Shamaeizadeh lists reasons why the pelvis misaligns, all based on daily activities or how we use our bodies. These activities are cumulative and create a bio-mechanical pattern.  But I think he missed the biggest one, driving cars! We take the right foot/leg to the gym to do an exercise against 2 resistances, braking/accelerating, every time we drive. The left foot/leg never gets to go, and that causes the neuro-connective tissue IQ of the right foot/leg to be higher than the left. It creates a dysfunctional bio-mechanical pattern. It's Huge! It affects the entire frame! ESAP specifically addresses this phenomenon. Get ESAP ASAP!

Dr. Masoud Shamaeizadeh gave us his permission to post this on our site.